Multiphase Flowmeter – DIP MPFM

Unlike many of its competitors, the DIP MPFM utilizes a vibration sensor that is mounted to the outside of existing pipe – making it the easiest on the market to install and implement – not to mention the most cost effective.


  • Permanent 24/7 Flow Analysis
  • Clamp on installation onto existing pipe decreases implementation costs and environmental risks
  • Highly accurate – testing has shown accuracy within 2%
  • Because additional pipe installation is not required, flow properties aren’t affected
  • Once installed, requires almost no maintenance
  • Data retrieval through web based application from your site


  • «plug & play» device
  • High accuracy
  • Online measurement
  • No restrictions on the flow properties
  • Clamp on installation
  • No sampling and laboratory
  • No constant presence of staff
  • Accuracy doesn’t change with usage


  • Gas flow
  • Oil flow
  • Water flow
  • Gas volume fraction
  • Water cut

Video Flowmeter