Phase and Pig Signal Detector


The Minisonic PSD sphere detector offers reliable detection even in the case of contiguous spheres. This device is used to control the transmission and reception of petroleum product physical separators or cleaning scrapers inside hydrocarbon pipelines. This detector can be placed without obstructing the flow and hence without hindering the passage of the spheres/scrapers and removed in load for verification without interrupting the transport


Using acoustic transmission management and precise measurement of the speed of sound, Ultraflux also offers efficient and precise solutions for monitoring product quality and interface detection.

Our interface detectors carry out the measurement of the speed of sound in the product and the analysis of the acoustic signal. These elements, coupled with other values (density in particular) enable these devices to detect:

  • product changes in the pipeline,
  • passage of the product separators or maintenance operators (spheres and scrapers).

For more details on the operation of our interface detectors, visit our page
Interface detection.