Smart Diver – PLA pl

The PLA SmartDiver is a ruggedised mud diver that provides measurement of mud levels, settling zones and overflow clarity in thickeners, clarifiers, washers and decanters. Tank profiling (suspended solids vs depth) is also provided, as it is specific gravity profiling and bed level measurement. Process engineers, armed with the kind of data this level measurement instrument provides, can attack process optimisation of flocculation and underflow density control head-on. Operations can almost cease manual “dipping” of the tanks and get detailed analysis of what is flowing in and out of their tankage.

SmartDiver has been designed around easy to access non-proprietary components to ensure long term maintainability even in the most remote locations.  The open platform adopted by PLA Process Analysers,  uses standard brand name PLC’s and motor drives, this ensures bugs or faults after commissioning are more easily eliminated. Remote 3G dial-in using “team viewer” is supplied standard with almost everything in the PLA range to make monitoring and troubleshooting operations easie.