Ultrasonic Flowmeter – ULTRAFLUX

Ultrasonic  – ultraflux

Ultraflux has specialised in ultrasound instrumentation since 1974, developing, manufacturing and selling solutions based on the ultrasonic transit time difference principle. This method enables non-intrusive, permanent, portable and bi-directional flow measurements to be taken.

The Ultraflux range is primarily made up of flow meters and detectors. It includes:

  • Portable flow meters,
  • Fixed flow meters for full pipe flows,
  • Fixed flow meters for free surface flows,
  • Sphere and scraper detectors,
  • Interface detectors,
  • Level measurements,
  • Measurement spools.

Each flow meter or detector is comprised of the following:

  • converter(using the flow rate calculation algorithm),
  • A pair of probes(enabling ultrasound waves to be transmitted/received via a piezoresistive element).

Our converters may be single- or multi-chord and combined with probes:

  • Insertion(or intrusive),
  • External(or clamp-on),
  • Wetted (for rivers).

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